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You might not have to pay income tax in UAE but you have to make taxation law assignments to excel in the subject of taxation law. And it is no easy task to deal with taxes of the seven emirates that determine their tax policies independently. Students of taxation law in UAE face several issues because of the nature of this subject as the student has to apply different laws and policies. And for this they have to study all the policies and laws carefully, missing anything might lead to wrong calculation of taxes. Therefore the students, who are facing difficulty in taxation law need the guidance of experts with a thorough understanding of the complexities of taxation law. The right help is just a click away to assist you with your taxation law assignment.

The United Arab Emirates have not any federal corporate income tax regime, most of the emirates announced income tax declarations in the late 1960s. And because of this tax, determination depends on the different emirates. Also, there is no VAT until January 2018.

Central taxes of UAE

Income tax

No tax on income is levied in the United Arab Emirates, there is no individual tax within the United Arab Emirates thus there is no need for an income return.

Corporate tax

These taxes are simply imposed on foreign banks and companies of oil in the United Arab Emirates. Yet there are almost 45 tax liberty zones in the entire United Arab Emirates. Those businesses which are registered here are not supposed to pay taxes for a particular period subject to extension. No tax on capital gains is charged from the companies except the business is chargeable as per further income taxes.

Taxes for a tourist facility

Hotels, restaurants, and resorts may charge 10% tax on room price including facility charge 10%), Municipal fee (10%), metropolitan tax (6-10%), and tourism fee (6%).

Tax on transfer of Property

Transferal charges of property vary from emirate to emirate; in Dubai it is 4% however, both seller and buyer share the burden of these taxes. And the transfer fee is paid by the buyer.

Inheritance Tax

In case there is no will, there is no policy for the inheritance tax Islamic Shari’s principles are used for that.

Regional Taxes of UAE

Goods and Services (VAT) in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates two types of taxes for goods and services are charged:

Vat: – Vat rate in the United Arab Emirates is 5%, yet various items are not included in vat like personal protective equipment used in an epidemic of covid-19 and other things like gloves, masks, and sanitizers, etc… Other things that are excluded from vat are recently built housing properties, certain health plus education facilities, precious metals of investment-grade and international transportation, etc…

Excise Duty: implementation of excise duty in the UAE begins recently in the year 2017. An indirect tax is imposed on things that are considered harmful to the health of people or environs. Excise duty applies to goods like:

Zones of free trade

Various free zones are there in the United Arab Emirates with different taxes, import policies as well as in costumes within themselves. There are almost forty free trade zones all over the country. Companies are exempted to pay corporate taxes for up to 50 years in these areas with 100% exceptions on taxes on export and import.

Emirate wise tourism fees

Charges of hotel depend on emirate to emirate.  In Dubai, for each night of occupancy, there is Dirham fee ranging from AED 7 to AED 20 (up to 30 nights) depending upon the hotel grade AED 15 per night is charged by Abu Dubai along with a 4% fee on bills of a hotel. Similar is charged by hotels in Ras Al Khaimah.

Rental tax

Rental taxes also vary from emirate to emirate. Residents in Dubai have to pay 5% of their rent annually as rental tax. Whereas, 10% is paid by commercial tenants. But the tenants in Abu Dhabi are exempted from such taxes. 2% is charged from the tenants in Sharjah.

The tax system for foreigners in the UAE

Those working in UAE are exempted from paying income taxes irrespective of residential status. For the nonresidents in UAE, there may be income tax depending upon the country of the nonresident.

The United Arab Emirates has a dual regime for tax with various republics like India, Italy, Austria, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Netherlands, and Sri Lanka, etc…You can seek additional details about it on the site of “finance ministry”.

No taxes are imposed on the global retirement pension plans of residents of the United Arab Emirates. “Common Reporting Standard” (CRS) signed by UAE, “global standard for the Automatic Exchange of Information” (AEOI) system. CRS is used by the nations to interchange tax information amongst Applicants.

Wealth and property tax in the UAE

Tax on capital gains

No tax is charged on capital gains in UAE, except when such taxes are an outcome of transactions of any business and which is entitled to give such tax.

Transfer taxes

Transferal charges are imposed on the property in the United Arab Emirates. Depending on emirate to emirate, yet both seller and buyer share the burden of such taxes but the transfer fee is paid by the buyer only.

Rental/municipal tax

Taxes on rented property vary from emirate to emirate tenants residing in Dubai have to pay 5% as tax annually whereas, 10% is charged from money-making occupants. Yet the citizen tenants of UAE in Abu Dhabi are exempted from paying taxes on their property.

Stamp duties

No stamp duty is charged in UAE

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