SWOT Analysis NACCHO (National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation) Assessment Answers

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Here is the SWOT Analysis of NACCHO


NACCHO stands for National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations. It is a national authority in Australia which focuses on the primary comprehensive health care for the Aboriginals. It represents 143 ACCHSs (Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service) present across Australia (NACCHO n.d.b). An ACCHS is a service for providing primary health care to the Aboriginal community, designed in a way to ensure culturally appropriate, comprehensive and holistic delivery of health care. These ACCHSs operate in Australiaaposs urban, remote and regional areas. The history of NACCHO stretches as back as the 1970s. The community control of the Aboriginals at a national level is represented by NACCHO so that improved access to effective health care for the Aboriginal people is ensured throughout Australia (NACCHO n.d.b).

NACCHO focuses on the promotion, development and expansion of provision of services related to health and well-being via the ACCHS. Furthermore, it focuses on representing and advocating the delivery of health services along with health programs, research, health information and public health.
The goal of this assessment is to perform a SWOT analysis of NACCHO and discuss its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Furthermore, after the SWOT analysis, recommendations would also be provided.


Unique care model

The model used for care is unique, creating special relationships with the clients. It is not like any normal health service as it targets the needs for health and well-being of the Aboriginal society with a holistic approach. It is special and culturally-informed model for providing primary health care to the Aboriginal people. It offers a wide variety of services such as child health services, psychologist, dietitian, dentists, transport services, aged care facilitates and so on. (NACCHO 2016).

Good governance

The board at NACCHO holds regular meetings to discuss the decisions about the policies of the organisation. It effectively works to strengthen and maintain the connections between the multiple members, the Board and the affiliates. In addition, the board members perform to develop, regulate and review different strategies and business plan along with an analysis of regular monthly reports as per the KPIs (Key performance indicators). The board of NACCHO approves the arrangements made in regards to new governance through meetings, discussions, consultation, and collaborative effect (NACCHO 2017).

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