Report on BACHI Barcelona

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Report on BACHI Barcelona

Table of Content

Introduction 3

Mission Statement 3

Vision Statement 3

Values 3

Internal Analysis 4

Competitive advantages 4

Competitive Disadvantage 4

Tangible Resources 5

Physicists 5

Financial 5

Intangible Resources 5

Humans 6

Non-human 6

Capacity 6

VRIO Analysis 6

Strength and Weakness 8

External Analysis 9

PEST Analysis 9

Elements of economic structure 9

Elements of technological structure 10

Elements of political structure 11

Elements of social structure 12

Porter’s Five Force Analysis 12

Opportunities and Weaknesses 14

Defensive strategies 14

Offensive Strategy 15

Survival Strategy 15

Reorientation Strategy 16

BSC Matrix 16

Strategy in Cost Leadership 17

Differentiation Strategy 17

Focus Strategy 18

Conclusion 18

References 20


The aim of the report is to analyze a company called BACHI Barcelona which is known for its accessories and handbags for men and women. The product that the company sells are of medium and high range (BACHI Barcelona). The report will identify and create mission, vision and value for the company. In addition, internal analysis will be carried out for BACHI Barcelona which will include strength, weakness, opportunity and threat for the company. Besides this, the report will identify competitive advantage and disadvantages for the company along with the identification of tangible and intangible resources for the company. VIRO analysis will also be carried in the report followed by external analysis in which PEST analysis and Porters five force analysis will be performed. Based on the internal and external analysis, the report will also identify strategies for reorientation, survival, offensive and defensive strategies. Apart from this, the report will include BSC matrix along with focus, differentiation and cost leadership strategy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the company is “To create handbag with high quality. The handbag produced by the company should be original and exclusive which satisfies the needs of client with uniqueness. We are committed to continuous improvement and we contribute with the sustainability development of environment using eco-friendly material in our merchandise, thus grasping that our product are perfect for every occasion.”(BACHI Barcelona).

Vision Statement

To be recognized by our clients as a number one company in Barcelona in the area elaboration and distribution of handbags. Also,  conquering presence in social networking sites and increasing our competitive advantages with our competitors (BACHI Barcelona).


Passion: We elaborate each bag / wallet with effusion and enthusiasm since we have a great affinity towards our work and what we do.

Quality: Create and deliver a product that meets the requirement and needs of our client; taking care of the smallest details in the elaboration of our brand.

Originality: The Company’s handbag provides a new and different experience; we do not seek to create replicas or reproduce other brand products.

Commitment: Responsibility to deliver the “BACHI” perfect for every occasion.

Elegance: Our product are exclusive and have unique design, creating distinction and making our bags ideal for every occasion.

Internal Analysis

A company only possesses competitive advantage when it has a unique idea and sustainability compared to its competitors, and this uniqueness allows the company to obtain better results and therefore have a superior competitive position in the market.

Competitive advantages

  • Differentiated product: Since the company’s prints are visible both on the inside as well as outside of handbags. Handbags are unique and are handmade.

  • Cost leadership: Low cost in human capital as the company has only two members (BACHI Barcelona).

  • Low priced handbags as compared to competitors.

  • Close relationship with the providers of the company

  • Uses ecofriendly materials (Rosenberg,Turunen, Järvelä&Arnould, 2020).

  • National Production in Barcelona

  • Elaboration in Barcelona

  • Competitive price

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