Evidence-Based Practice Assignment Sample

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Evidence-based practice (EBP) is defined as the use of best and current evidences explicitly, conscientiously and judiciously in healthcare decision making according to Schmidt, & Brown, (2017). Healthcare professionals have to integrate the external clinical evidence into their clinical expertise in order to improve the quality of healthcare imparted by them to the patients. In the given scenario, the patients under the hospice care are taken into consideration. The family members for such a patient have to work in collaboration with the healthcare professional so as to provide improved healthcare outcome for the patient according to Van Groenou, & De Boer, (2016). In this case, the family members are withdrawn, this will impact the healthcare quality. Hence, a literature search is being done with the help of PICO framework so as to derive the best clinical practice to respond to this situation.

Research problem

The research problem is to assess the impact of withdrawing family members from the hospice patients on the caregivers. This is significant as these caregivers provide substantial informal care to the hospice patients which collaborate with the healthcare professionals in providing optimum care to the patients. 

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