Employee Behaviour – Principles and Techniques Involved in Management and Organisation

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Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

1.   What are the key steps to be taken when providing or receiving feedback Explain why these steps are important.

Ans . The key steps to be taken when providing or receiving feedback are be positive, focus on behaviour not the person, be specific, timely, maintain clarity on providing feedback, observe neutrality, ensure it is a two way conversation, and follow up. These steps are important to ensure that the honest evaluation of the employee behaviour will be done which will help to enhance their work (Loftin, Peng, MacGlashan, Littman, Taylor, Huang amp Roberts, 2016).

2.   Explain what 360-degree feedback is.

Ans. 360-degree feedback is referred as a feedback process through employees get confidential and unsigned or unnamed feedback from the seniors, co-workers, direct reports, clients and consumers. They assess the performance of an employee and provide information about their perceive behaviour with others (Das amp Panda, 2017).

3.  Explain what each of the four modes of learning are.

Ans. The first mode of learning is visual mode which is demonstrative and easy to learn through demonstrations. Second is auditory mode which is done through verbal instructions. Third is tactile mode which is done by taking notes during lectures and the fourth is kinaesthetic mode which provides learning while moving (Stirling, Kerr, MacPherson, Banwell, Bandealy amp Battaglia, 2017).

4.   What is the benefit for an organisation in undertaking a training needs analysis How can doing so improve personal performance

Ans. Training needs analysis (TNA) gives an in-depth learning about the facts related to training requirements of the workforce within an organization. It helps to meet the business needs by enhancing the abilities..

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