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Assessment Task I: Written Questions

Q1: Self-appraisal is the type of assessment that an individual conducts on his or her own without relying on the feedback from anyone else. It is a self-reflection that a person performs to evaluate the performance. It can help in performance improvement as it enables an employee to objectively assess and know the strengths and weak areas to improve appropriately.

Q2: Peer appraisal is the approach in which one relies on the feedback from colleagues to ascertain the levels of performance. The benefit of this strategy is that it uses outside observers to give an honest view on the strengths and weaknesses hence giving recommendations for performance improvement.

Q3: Planning of work can be beneficial in many ways. First, it ensures that there is a proper utilization of time resources. Two, it can help in minimizing the costs of production by ensuring that there are no increased expenses due to unnecessary delays. Three, it guarantees quality performance since every activity is conducted as planned so as to meet the standards.

Q4: All goals should be SMART. SMART is an abbreviation for: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Q6: Stress is a mental condition that has some signs including: restlessness, chest pain, increased heart rate, headache, and loss of sexual desire.

Q7: Work-life balance simply refers to the management and proper utilization of time that one spends in the workplace and at home. There should be a balance in time because it is worth to have a healthy stay both at home and in the workplace. At work, only job takes place. At home, one needs to enjoy the company of family, relax, workout, and sleep.

Q8: There are many strategies that can help in managing stress. These include creating time for hobbies, having enough time for resting, spending enough quality time with family and loved ones, engaging in physical exercises, and becoming humorous or happy.

Q9: Technology is a noble innovation, but it can be harmful on one’s work-life balance. Technology addiction can create a work-life imbalance because one can end up spending too much time using technology. this is what happens with modern technologies like smartphones, computers, and tablets in which people use internet to access social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, just to mention, but a few.

Q10: To ensure that the employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance, the organizations should employ some strategies. These include creating time for recreation in the course of work, availing recreational facilities (gyms and football, tennis, golf courts); organizing for sporting competitions amongst the employees and managers; and giving leaf and weekend-off to employees to stay with family members at home.

Q11: To develop new work skills, one can adopt the following five strategies: 1) training, 2) consultation, 3) imitation, 4) attending seminars, workshops, and conferences, 5) creatively coming up with new ideas and trying them out.

Q12: Time management is key in the workplace. To do so, one needs to take a number of measures. Most importantly, one should have a schedule of activities and adhere to it at all costs. The person should not condone interruptions and avoid anything to do with procrastinations. Two, one can employ the use of modern technologies such as special time management software and mobile applications (Apps).

Q13: Personal development planning refers to the setting of individual goals that one pans to achieve in the future in relation to career and professional accomplishments. No one wants to remain or stagnate at one level for life because everyone is interested in growth.

Q14: The major components of personal development plan are self-assessment, self-discovery, continuous development, self-actualization, and economic growth.

Q15: Behavioral assessment is the evaluation of the conducts of the employees. In a workplace, all employees are expected to behave in a certain manner in line with the organizational culture.

Q16: Behavioral assessment and appraisal is an important approach that should be used in the workplace. It can play a significant role in determining to behaviors of individual workers. It also ascertains if the employees adhere to the organizational culture by behaving in an acceptable or unacceptable manner. This can end up improving communication and conflict-resolution efforts within the workplace.

Q17: There are different learning styles that can be adopted in an organization. These include kinesthetic, reading/writing, auditory, and visual. Knowledge on these styles is required because it helps in creating flexible and accommodative teaching program for everyone within the workplace.

Assessment Task II: Plan Personal Work Goals Project

Personal Work Goals Report

In this section, I would lie to give brief, but exhaustive report on my personal work goals plan. I chose to write a report on Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (DPE). DPE is a company whose headquarters are in Hamilton. It is a multinational that has established itself as the largest pizza producer and supplier in the whole country. Currently, it has a total workforce of 26,000 employees who are distributed in its 700 chain stores within the major cities and towns across the country. I chose this company because it appeals to be most. I like the commitments of the company towards the supply of high-quality products to its clients as well as the way it treats its workers. For it to attract and retain such a huge workforce, the company has been employing the use of the best human resource management strategies. Its goal is to be the best employer in the nation.

I would like to join this company and serve as a Human Resources Manager..

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