BSBMKG609 Develop a Marketing Plan Answers

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Table of Contents

Project Work 3

  1. Introduction

  2. Determination of marketing strategies

  3. Available marketing opportunities

  4. Risks and returns

  5. Strengths and opportunities

  6. Strategies to increase resources

  7. Justification of marketing strategies

  8. Marketing performance review strategy

  9. Marketing tactics

  10. Tactics to implement a marketing strategy

  11. Coordination and monitoring mechanisms

  12. Organization’s projected capabilities and budget

  13. Legal and ethical requirements

  14. Review of tactics

  15. Presentation of the marketing plan

  16. Feedback from stakeholders

  17. Assessment Task 2

Project Work for Marketing Plan


This marketing plan is based on the “Tandem” Company that outlines different opportunities in the telecommunications industry. Based on the objectives, goals and mission of the organization, several strategies can be developed in this paper. Identification and analysis of available marketing opportunities can help in establishing distinguished marketing strategies that can be applied in the business to achieve successful opportunities. This marketing plan aims at analyzing suitable marketing strategies, planning the marketing tactics and presenting the marketing in the group.

Determination of Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are based on the objectives of the organization to target the customers effectively and increase revenue. Tandem is a leading company that works with exceptional customer outcomes to deliver effective service solutions. Different marketing strategies can be identified in the organization based on the available marketing opportunities to promote accessibility and enhancing customer growth in the telecommunication segment. Innovation is a major key in providing telecommunication services. The growth in this sector is increasing day by day that leads to high network speed. Tandem is a construction company but it can take benefit of emerging technology through its telecommunication sector.

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