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Assignments and homework are almost every student’s biggest nightmare. Are you one of them too? Are you getting bored while doing your assignment? Are you stuck on some topic of your assignment? Don’t have time to complete your assignment? Can’t spend time with your friends due to assignment overload? We have often seen that students get confused doing their assignments and take a lot of stress while doing your assignment. There is no need to worry because my assignment services have brought instant assignment help for you guys and that too at a very economical rate. So don’t think much and avail of our instant assignment help online in UAE.

Instant Assignment Help

In the following subjects we provide high-quality assignment writing services:


  1. Accounting
  2. Business
  3. Law
  4. Culture
  5. Civil law
  6. Contract law
  7. Science
  8. Statistics
  9. Management
  10. History
  11. Fashion
  12. Operation management
  13. Leadership
  14. Taxation law
  15. Hospitality
  16. Finance
  17. English
  18. Human resource
  19. Nursing
  20. Economics
  21. More subjects

Do You Know The Basic Structure Of Assignment Writing?

A task that is given to students is referred to as an assignment. To score well in class they need to complete these tasks. These assignments are given to the students to check that if they have basic knowledge about the topic or not.

The elements that are covered in an assignment are:

  • Cover page – every assignment’s cover page is different as it is created by different students in their way by using different styles of fonts. But guess what, my assignment services also make a cover page for you.
  • Contents page – in this all the heading and subheadings are stated along with page numbers. This creates a good impression on professors. As it makes their work easier also. Just by looking at the contents page, they can know that what all topics you have covered.
  • Introduction – it is of 100 to 200 words and it tells the professors or any other person who reads your assignment that what your assignment is going to be about.
  • Main body- this should focus on the main problem of the assignment. And the problem should be solved by following an analytical and critical approach. Students have to build up their case here.
  • Conclusion – it should contain such things that just by reading it, the reader must know that what the argument was about and are you against it or supporting the argument. A conclusion should always be precise.
  • References – Students must follow the referencing style that is stated by the professor for the assignment and should have perfect knowledge about the format of the referencing style. There are many types of styles that your professor might likely give you. Some of them are APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA referencing, and much more.

But you need not worry as our professional experts also provide you with all the referencing formats.

Do You Guys Know That Other Than This One More Thing Is Also Very Important?

 That is presentation, which is the first thing from which the professor judges your assignment. It should look very clean and systematic. The margin spacing should be proper. Line spacing should be proper. Assignment should be justified. Headings should be bold. Font size and font should be according to the guidelines. Mostly it is Times new roman with font size 12.

Problems Faced By The Students In Writing Assignments

Students don’t have proper knowledge of the topic assigned to them. And they find it difficult to write 100 percent plagiarism-free content. They have many other things also to do, that’s why one of the main problems that are faced by students is lack of time. Another thing is they don’t know about referencing styles also. Some students face problems related to grammar. Their writing skills are not up to the mark. Many students leave their assignments for the last minute and then regret it. Due to all these problems, students suffer. These professors give bad grades to them in assignments and project works which ultimately affect the overall grade card of the students.

That is why we are here to solve all these problems and to boost your grade. We provide instant assignment help at very cheap rates.

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