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If you think of it, contracts have existed even before any law was made. A contract is the basis of every subject in the law and we understand the importance of contract law in a student’s life. Are you tired of doing your contract law assignments by yourself? Are you tired of getting low marks in contract law assignments? Do not worry; our contract law expert is just a click away. Why get stressed when you can hire your law expert for Contract Law Assignment Help. We understand that it is difficult for you to work on so many assignments; we understand that there are various reasons like insufficient time, writing skills, insufficient data, etc. And that is the reason we offer you cheap law assignment help from my assignment services. Let us show your professors that you can do it all and that too in a perfect way.

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We all know that Contract Law is wide enough to incorporate all the laws related to it. Any topic assigned to you by your professor of Contract law can be done by our Law experts, let’s be clear about it. Being law students each one of us knows the definition of the contract. Contract Law Assignment Help will be provided by our law experts on different types of Contract Law



  • Bilateral Contract – this is the most popular yet old-fashioned kind of contract. In this, both the parties make promises to each other. And in this case, a promise is served as a consideration in this type of contract.
  • Express Contract– this is the type of contract in which the terms and conditions by the parties are specifically set out. This is often referred to as a special deal. All the elements are clearly specified in an express contract. In such a type of contract, the agreement between the parties is communicated either in oral or in written form.
  • Unilateral Contract– It is a contract in which the offeror pays or promises to pay after a specific performance. The offeror has an open invitation in which they pay for a specific act, which can be open or random requests, or according to both the parties. So when that specific action is performed by the party then the opposite party pays the consideration.
  • Implied Contract– it is a contract that is formed by actions, conduct, or situations of the parties concerned. The legal force is the same in the implied contract as a written or verbal contract. Confirmation is not necessary for this. But it is more difficult to enforce such types of contracts because of a lack of documentation.
  • Executed Contract– when both the parties have fulfilled all the terms and conditions of the agreement or contract signed by them. It is said to be an executed contract.
  • Executory Contract– the contract which is not fully performed is an Executory Contract. In this contract terms and conditions decided as per the agreement are set to be fulfilled at a later date. It means it is not executed and both the parties still have duties to perform.
  • Bonding Contract– in this a contract bond is provided by the party to each other, so if there is a case that either of the party fails to perform or fulfill its duties upon the agreed terms and conditions, then the other party can claim the contract bond to recover their financial losses. It means parties have to keep security to enter into a contract like banks take a mortgage before granting a loan.
  • Aleatory Contract– it is a type of agreement in which the parties only perform when a particular or specific event occurs. Generally, these contracts are used in an insurance policy. Events here are such events that can’t be controlled by either of the parties. Aleatory here means the occurrence of the event is uncertain. An aleatory contract is also known as a contingent contract.
  • Void and Voidable Contracts– when either of the parties is involved in an illegal act, the contract is deemed to be void. Alternatively, when either party to the contract is not legally capable like the minor is not capable to enter into a contract, in such cases the contract is voidable.
  • Unconscionable Contract– it is a type of contract which imposes biased and rigid conditions on either party which is unfair. It goes easy on one party and harsh on the opposite party. This type of contract is unfair towards one party, therefore it is unenforceable under law.


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Contract Law Assignment Help

Contract Law Assignment Help

Contract Law Assignment Help Online

Contract Law Assignment Help

Contract Law Assignment Help

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